Future BI

As mentioned in our about page, Blogger Interactive is all about connecting bloggers beyond our URLs. The idea behind this event site is to bring bloggers together in real life to bridge the gap, meet new writters and artists, network, and most importantly to have some fun.

“But what if I can’t possibly attend this year. Do I have to be depressed until next year?”

We are confident that the first BI event will be a huge hit, and hope to grow it into an even bigger event in the years to come, with confidence that it will broaden our blogging horizons and help us find inspiration from connecting with bloggers from all platforms. But we also understand that not everyone can afford to travel, get off of work, etc. That’s why we encourage YOU to organize a BI in your area.

There are literally BILLIONS of bloggers out there, and we would love to see  you neighboring bloggers get together and submit your stories and photos directly to us so that we can showcase your awesomeness! To plan a meet up in your area, simply write a post draft making sure to include a location and/or activity in your area with the date and time. From there we can help you spread the word through the official BI site and social media!

Visit our Contact page for submissions and suggestions.


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