Free Networking Cards From

If you were to ask us to pick a favorite sponsor, we couldn’t do it. From sticker manufacturers to small publishers, our sponsor pool runs the gamut. Today we’re excited to announce that is offering FREE* networking cards for those who attend Blogger Interactive.

What are networking cards and why should I care?

Networking cards are similar to business cards, but they’re used exclusively for networking purposes. You can include things like your name, blog address, and social media handles so that those who meet you at Blogger Interactive will know how to contact you afterwards. One of the greatest things about events like Blogger Interactive is the ability to meet like-minded people to collaborate with in the future. Networking cards allow you to exchange your contact information more easily.

How many will I get, and is it really free?

You will receive 50 cards, and the cards themselves are free. There will be a nominal $4.00 USD processing fee. (Note: Add-ons such as nicer/glossier stock may result in additional fees.)

I want them. How do I go about making them?

Visit this link, read the brief intro, and then hit the “design your own” button to begin the creation process. Don’t know the first thing about designing a card? No worries! Moo will walk you through it. We swear, it’s painless.

Why is there a Blogger Interactive watermark?

The watermark helps remind you where you met the person. It also helps remind you of the time you went to the most kickass blog event OF ALL TIME.

I’m at the shipping section and it won’t let me ship them to my address. What’s up?

The cards will be shipped to Jen prior to the event, and she will deliver them to you once you’re there. At checkout, select “United States” as the ship-to country and hit the “checkout” button. On the next page, scroll down to the “pick up from event” page and select Blogger Interactive. That’s it! Jen will let you know once she receives them, and will haul them to Austin for you.

CheckoutWhat is the deadline for this offer?

Order by 11:59pm (EST) October 8, 2013 (Oct 14 with a rush fee).

We know we’ll be ordering our cards soon, and we hope you do too! If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

Lastly, and we know we’re broken records, but please make sure to RSVP. We’re coordinating swag items with our sponsors, and we need head counts. No RSVP, no swaggy.

Now go get your Moo on!

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    • Wait until you see what we announce next week. We are really proud of how this is coming together.

      Thanks for the kind words, Hook.


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