Blogger Interactive Merchandise Now Available

Things you already know about Blogger Interactive:

What you don’t already know about Blogger Interactive is that we now have a CafePress store! We realized that people buy customiz gear to remember certain events: rock concerts, marathons, elections, sports playoffs. These occasions are so special that we must walk away with a piece of memorabilia. Blogger Interactive won’t be any different.

Attendees: what better way to commemorate mingling awkwardly with other bloggers than with a BI t-shirt, or keychain? For those not attending: what better way to commemorate not having to mingle awkwardly with other bloggers than with a BI mousepad, or notebook?

You can visit the store here:

Have a lookie loo around the store, and if you don’t see what you need, shoot us an e-mail. We’ll get it up there in a jiffy. We’re trying to start a Blogger Interactive revolution one t-shirt at a time.

Like what you see in the store, but don’t want to part with your hard earned cash just yet? You’re in luck because Becca is holding a Blogger Interactive sharing contest, and one of the prizes is swag from our new store! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Head on over to her contest post for details. There are some other really great prizes so this contest isn’t to be missed.

Lastly, a few friendly reminders:

Until next time…