Meet Our Guest Speakers

We want to start off by thanking everyone who helped us kick off the Blogger Interactive website launch last week! It was exciting to see our hard work come together, and to receive the support of everyone who stopped by, commented and shared.

We know things have been kind of quiet on our end, but that’s because we’ve been busy securing sponsorship and venues, and more recently, we’ve been working with our guest speakers. We’re happy to announce that two experienced, and dynamic individuals have graciously agreed to lend us their expertise for this event, sharing experiences which can help you take your writing to the next level.

Chiara Mazzucco

Our first guest speaker is CEO and Editor-in-Chief at The Indie Chicks, Chiara Mazzucco. One of her mottoes is, “Reach for the sky and when you reach it, keep going.” In addition to her roles at The Indie Chicks, Chiara also does graphic and web design for bloggers, freelancers and start-ups. She believes in the power of the self, entrepreneurship, and giving yourself the life you’ve always dreamed of. She is also the author of “The 9 Mirages of Love”, and a lover of teen dramas.

As someone who started off as a blogger herself, and who now orchestrates some of the best articles on the net (including her own), Chiara can fill us in on what makes a post stand out in the vastness of the internet. Get ready to hear some pro insight on how to captivate your audience and build a sense of community around your site and its readers. With her background in graphic design, she will also be able to share a little bit about the importance of branding your blog through such designs, and answer questions regarding her work.

Julian240Our second guest speaker is New York City writer/musician Julian Gallo. His body of work includes poems and short stories published in about 40 magazines and journals throughout the US, Canada and Europe, and also has 14 books to date: 9 poetry, “Standing On Lorimer Street Awaiting Crucifixion” (Alpha Beat Press, 1996), “The Terror of Your Cunt is The Beauty of Your Face” (Black Spring Press, 1999), “Street Gospel Mystical Intellectual Survival Codes” (Budget Press, 2000), “Scrape That Violin More Darkly Then Hover Like Smoke In The Air” (Black Spring Press, 2001), “Existential Labyrinths” (Black Spring Press, 2003), Window Shopping For A New Crown of Thorns (Beat Corrida, 2007), “My Arrival Is Marked By Illuminating Stains (Beat Corrida, 2007), A Symphony of Olives (Propaganda Press, 2009) and Divertimiento (Propaganda Press, 2009); as well as 5 novels, “November Rust (Beat Corrida, 2007), Naderia” (Beat Corrida, 2011), Be Still and Know That I Am (Beat Corrida, 2011), “Mediteranneo (Beat Corrida, 2012) and “Europa” (Beat Corrida, 2013).

Are you unsure of how to begin a freelance writing career? Have you considered self-publishing, but don’t know where to start? Do you worry about criticism, and how you’ll handle it? As a seasoned professional in this arena, Julian will discuss ways to kick start your writing career, and how to put your written word into book form. He’ll also offer up his opinion on the state of self-publishing, and how he thinks it’s changing the publishing landscape for independent writers everywhere.

We’re delighted to have them on board, and know that the attendees will benefit from their panels. Want to know a bit more about our guest speakers? You can find them all over the web using the following links:

The Indie Chicks website

Chiarra’s Twitter

Julian’s Blog

Julian’s Twitter

Are you interested in speaking at Blogger Interactive, or know someone who is? Reach out and touch us at We’ll be posting venue and events information soon, but until we do, head on over to our Evite page and RSVP ‘yes’.